Does Fuddruckers Have The Best Burgers?

Published: 21st April 2011
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I'm sure you have had numerous burgers with all kinds of flavors and from many different companies. But have you found the best hidden hamburger in the world? If you haven't tasted the Fuddruckers Menu, the quick selling burger throughout North America then you haven't tried the best. Try them, you will be in for a big treat once you sink your teeth into their tasty burgers.

For one, the burgers are only grilled upon orders and they are neatly laid out on specially Fuddruckers baking trays that make their fresh buns. In case you are not aware of it, the secret of Fuddruckers Menu can actually be attributed to the superior quality of their buns. Here are just a few things you might want to know about the ingredients used in concocting the secret formula for the Fuddruckers hamburger:

Buns are made to go beyond the burger

The secret why Fuddruckers burgers have become phenomenal in many places in the world is because of the quality of buns they use. They make it a point that assembling the ingredients is perfect starting from the very buns which will hold the beef patty and all the other ingredients together. First of all; the buns must be sized according to the size of the patty as well as the other ingredients. A big bun stuffed with small-sized ingredients is definitely a no-no! What is more, there should be utmost consideration on how the buns are made as well. Options include those of buns made from poppy seeds, or are multi-grain and home-made.

The Hamburg Patty

Next to the buns, the patty is the most essential among all other ingredients of a hamburger. A burger will never be a burger without a patty. It can be without cheese for those who may have lactose intolerance; or perhaps no pickle for those who hate it; no sauce, no lettuce or tomato, or perhaps no onion for those who cannot stand its smell. These ingredients can be absent in your burger, but never a burger without a patty, oh no. In addition, Fuddruckers Menu's secret to the yummiest patty is to not overcook it. They do it in a medium-rare method which only proves that they only use the freshest beef in their patties.

A Look At The Other Ingredients

Did you know the Fuddruckers hamburger is made up of vine ripe tomatoes, fresh green lettuce, red onion, the best pickles anywhere and tons of other excellent ingredients from anchovies to mushrooms and cheese to crispy grilled bacon. But what really makes a Fuddruckers Menu burger is actually the juice. As soon as you bite into the tasty burger the flavor of the juice fills up your mouth giving you the wow factor!

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